Welcome to DPSOMA!

DPSOMA is an initiative of Data Panacea (I) Pvt. Ltd. a consulting company working in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Robotics Process Automation. During 7 years of our journey, we helped achieving their revenue Goals & operational excellence using most advance technology platforms.

DPSOMA a training division of Data Panacea started with an objective to cater to internal resource requirements but soon realized the entire automation industry is struggling with lack of skilled resources to meet their need.

You give your best while studying, We will give you the best Placement Placement

Our students are proven to be big assets to our corporate partners. Now-a-days when cost optimization becomes priority to most of the companies getting skilled resources is a challenge. We provide skilled resources in the entire possible domain of analytics. Our organization is a one-step solution for one’s analytics need from, resource to training & consulting