Email Marketing 

Over the past couple of years, like flyers marketing, it seems like email marketing campaigns have lost it’s effectiveness due to social media. However let’s not conclude that they’re dead, They’re not dead, and if done accurately they are a fundamental way of online marketing.

It’s so natural to get self-satisfied concerning the messages you’re sending. I’m not simply discussing the same old content – I’m discussing your format, the outline and your general brand identity. There lots of things to be measured to be reviewed before staring an email marketing campaign.

I’m going to be providing for you some helpful tips to help prepare your next email advertising campaign. When you’ve ticked these off, you’ll be well on your way to sending emails your subscribers want to read.

  1. Who is sending me this and who do I answer to?

Who is sending an email is critical in terms of open rates. You all will agree to me, if you get an email from, you will not bother to open it. I need to know who is sending me this email, whether its an organization name or a particular contact inside the organization. Personality is fundamental, so verify that you are sending it from somebody in your organization and keeping the name steady.

To make recipient believe that it could be a system generated mail but the person is existing. There has to be an email id of your own employee with a face probably.