What is the difference between SEO and SEM? Are they same or different?

SEO is a part of SEM or subset of SEM.  The contrast between SEO and SEM is basically that Search Engine Optimization is some part of Search Engine marketing or Search advertising as it is generally known. Both techniques point in expanding perceivability in internet searchers. SEO is about enhancing the web property like; content, backlinks etc. to improve rankings in the query items while SEM goes past SEO. It includes different techniques too which can get you more web crawler guests like PPC(Pay Per Click) publicizing.

What is SEO?

search engine optimization (SEO) is the methodology of influencing the Visibility of a site or a page in a search engine’s “regular” or un-paid (“Organic”) search results. By and large, the prior (or higher positioned on the search results page), and all the more regularly a site shows up in the search results list, the more Visitor it will get from the search engine’s sites. SEO may target various types of search, including picture search, nearby search, feature search, scholarly search, news search and industry-particular vertical search engines.

There are two primary type of Search Engine Optimization Techniques

On-page optimization

  • Keyword density
  • Title Tag optimization
  • Keywords in the content
  • Quality of original content
  • Keywords in hyperlinks
  • Keywords in headings and bold tags
  • Keywords in URL
  • Meta Tags (some engines)
  • Sitemap
  • Link structure
  • “Indexability” of the web page

Off-page optimization

  • Amount of incoming links
  • Quality of sites that link to yours
  • Relevancy of sites that link to yours
  • Keywords in the anchor text

What is SEM?

I see SEM as a somewhat wide term. It is a methodology to publish advertisement of your product on internet, get audience through paid search, in other word increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) through optimization and advertising.

Parts of search engine advertising which I would consider to be outside the domain of search engine optimization incorporate the accompanying:

Paid Inclusion

This is just that paying a search engine or a catalog to add a site to its database instantly, instead of setting up that site so it will be found by the search engine spiders on its own. On account of some search engines and catalogs, paid Inclusion is the best way to get listed. For others, its displayed as a choice. In case you’re eager to pay, your site will be recorded sooner. It’s additionally a helpful practice to roll out regular improvements to your site content, the fact that your site will be spidered all the more frequently and you will have the way to test how changes influence your ranking.

Customary Ads

This includes setting paid publicizing on the search engine result pages (Serps). Typically, these advertisements seem focused around the Key words entered into the search engines, and one is charged focused around the quantity of hits, i.e. appearances, of the commercial. As such, you pay whether the notice sends anybody to your site or not.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC advertisements are straightforward enough to take a gander at. They’re content just. PPC commercial fights are totally controlled by the publicist. You choose which magic words ought to raise your advertisements, you compose the duplicate, and you choose the extent to which you need to pay. What’s more, as the name shows, you pay for an advertisement when somebody clicks it and is brought to your site. There are two fundamental systems of PPC promotions, run by Google and Overture, and each has it favorable circumstances and impediments, however in both cases, one ought to be arranged to invest a lot of time (and cash) observing and modifying such a crusade.