[cs_dropcap column_size=”1/1″ dropcap_style=”simple” dropcap_size=”0″ dropcap_color=”#fff” dropcap_bg_color=”#4D8B0C”]Analytics, as the name itself suggests, is the phenomenon of analyzing data through the use of strong techniques and tools for various business decision. Today, with the advancement in technology and so many statistical tools at businesses disposal, analytics has made its way into social media, HR, gaming, and e-commerce as well. Analytics has become the most common and an integral part of industries across which included KPOs, BPOs, IT, BFSI, Finance, consultants as well. This is the reason why the analytics industry in India has soared significantly in the recent years and aspirants now have a wide scope. India already has more than one lac professionals in this field, working for various businesses.[/cs_dropcap]

In India today, you will find anywhere between 500 to 800 analysts from 10,000 employees. With the increase in the demand, the salary associated with this job field is also increasing at a fast pace. Currently KPOs are one of the industries hiring maximum number of employees in Analytics domain with offering Rs 5 Lac to a fresher and then the level goes increasing. Depending on the experience, there are four levels of jobs:

– Entry-level: 0-2 years of experience

– Mid-level: 2-5 years of experience

– Senior management level: 5-10 years of experience

– Director level: Over 10 years of experience

Business consulting firms are the best pay masters in this segment and offers somewhere between 8L to 12 to freshers.

The size of the analytics market in India is worth a whopping $375 million. This number is expected to increase drastically to $1.15 billion according to recent reports. Presently, there are over 500 companies operating in this industry in India.

Analytics gives the individual the opportunity to get into various different departments across sectors with the same skills and technology. The flexibility to work in different sectors and domains is something that appeals to many aspirants.

Analytics jobs are of various types including data analytics, web analytics, marketing analytics, system analytics, analytics consultant, financial analytics, investment analytics, business analytics, HR Analytics and so on. This, again, proves the point that those interested in the field of analytics have a lot of scope and demand in various industries with highest number of roles offered.