DPSOMA is an initiative of Data Panacea (I) Pvt. Ltd. a consulting company working in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Robotics Process Automation. During 7 years of our journey, we helped companies achieving their revenue Goals & operational excellence using most advance technology platforms.

DPSOMA a training division of Data Panacea started with an objective to cater to internal resource requirements but soon realized the entire automation industry is struggling with lack of skilled resources to meet their needs. Finding skilled resources in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence was a mammoth task. So we decided to identify and help  individuals to acquire skills which help them in finding employment. It in truth helps corporate in building pool of trained resources. AI is no more the future it’s the present, now a day’s everything that we use is empowered with AI.

Thus DPSOMA began with the conviction that in the ever-changing industry, professionals need to continuously up-skill themselves to stay relevant. Since then we have always focused on building a great and competent earning experience by designing great packages of programs in collaboration with different Universities & affiliated partners.

We offer the most comprehensive programs in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence