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Placement Scenario in Analytics


[cs_dropcap column_size="1/1" dropcap_style="simple" dropcap_size="0" dropcap_color="#fff" dropcap_bg_color="#4D8B0C"]Analytics, as the name itself suggests, is the phenomenon of analyzing data through the use of strong techniques and tools for various business decision. Today, with the advancement in technology and so many statistical tools at businesses disposal, analytics has made its way into social media, HR, gaming, and e-commerce as well. Analytics has become the most common and an integral part of industries across which included KPOs, BPOs, IT, BFSI, Finance, consultants as well. This is the reason why the analytics industry in India has soared significantly in the recent years and aspirants now have [...]

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MBA Vs. Business Analytics


“Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003” – Eric Schmidt (Executive Chairman, Google), Techonomy Conference - 2010 The turn of the millennium saw a paradigm shift in the engine of growth, sustenance and innovation. The advancements in computing systems, electronics and social media have transformed how decisions are taken in running a business. Information readily available over the internet has provided businesses with immense insights into consumer behavior and needs. A seemingly innocuous “like”, “tweet” or a “click” on a link becomes a binary code in a database [...]

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