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Role of a Data Scientist


[cs_column column_size="1/2"][cs_image column_size="1/1" image_style="plain" cs_image_url="https://datapanaceaonline.comwp-content/uploads/2015/03/climbing-the-ladder-370x278.png" cs_image_url1="Browse"][/cs_image][/cs_column][cs_column column_size="1/2"]A data scientist is someone who: Better at statistics than any other software engineer A  Data Scientist is unlike an Analyst creates data. Scientist who has access to more measurements (data) than ever before Converting raw data into pictorial or statistical reports. Then sending reports to the higher level for analysis/predictive and calculative analysis. [/cs_column] A mix of multiple positions: Data intake, Visualization, Model Creation, Analysis, Data Operations etc Develop methodologies and execute on them to expand knowledge. Skill Sets: Good at analyzing and ability to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders in [...]

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Role of Data Analyst


[cs_column column_size="1/2"][cs_image column_size="1/1" image_style="plain" cs_image_url="https://datapanaceaonline.comwp-content/uploads/2015/03/photo_67.jpg" cs_image_url1="Browse"][/cs_image][/cs_column][cs_column column_size="1/2"]What is the Role of Data Analyst?   The Role of Data Analyst comprises of the following task, a data analyst is a person who: Perform a variety of tasks related to collecting, studying, and organizing, comparing and interpreting statistical information and provide appropriate solutions. Data tracking and identifying the trends and patterns in the marketplace are very important tools. Intense research work.. [/cs_column] Search and evaluate the information related to the particular requirements of a client. Audit the report, and present it an appealing manner to the client. Data mining, data mapping and data [...]

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